Epilepsy Seizure Alarm

Help When You Need It, For Those With Seizure Disorders

Our alarm allows those with epilepsy and other seizure disorders to alert emergency contacts when seizure-like onset is felt, or if they need immediate help or think they might need help soon.

Epilepsy Alarms Epilepsy Seizure Alarm

Fall Detection

Should the alarm detect a fall powerful enough to knock someone out, it will automatically activate an emergency SOS.Includes 10 second delay in case of false alarms.

Emergency Alarm

Working off the 3G cellular network, it works world wide – in the home, in a warehouse, shopping mall or out jogging in the park. Have more freedom & indpendence knowing help is there when you need it most.

Location FInding

Should the wearer become incapacitated, or if you are concerned of the whereabouts of a loved one, the Alarm is able to transmit its physical location on request to your own cell phone on Google maps

Helping those with epilepsy and seizures

Learning to lessen risks is a critical part of living safely with epileptic seizures. Seizures, treatments, and other health problems carry risks for many people. Our alarms do not alert to the onset of a seizure, but they do give the wearer an opportunity to contact loved ones at the press of a button if they do feel an onset happening.

Summon Help at the Press of a Button : The Personal Safety alarm enables the user to quickly summon help with the press of a button.

GPS-Enabled Location : Alerts and transmits emergency SMS including the GPS physical location of your loved one to carers smart phones.

Location Finding: The Personal Safety alarm can provide carers its location remotely if you are worried about the wearer.

2 Way Voice: If the alarm is activated, it can provide 2 way voice communication so you can quickly establish if an event is taking place.


Our alarm doesnt detect seizures, however it does provide the wearer and carers a vital link in seizure management & planning.          


One of the most awarded Personal Safety Alarms available in the world today!

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